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You Are Your Best Gift to Yourself

Have you ever made a decision and wondered whether or not it was worth it? It is common to have these thoughts especially when the choices that we make impact our livelihood. In times of reflection, you must ensure that your thoughts, words, actions and decisions align with who you aspire to be. You cannot continue to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others. In the moments when you do, you chip away at your self worth and influence how you see yourself and the value you place on your life.

The best gift you can give yourself in times of success, struggle and even uncertainty is yourself. When you make decisions that reflect the beauty and love that you expect to show up in your life, you will develop a sense of self that is unmatched by anything any one person can give you. When your life course reflects your commitment to honoring your values and beliefs, you demonstrate to others where your priorities lie. As time passes, we are often able to see that we have placed our own wants to the side for the sake of others. This, while our hearts are broken, our emotions are unbalanced and our minds are clouded from prioritizing people and things before our own happiness and wellbeing.

So when you make the decision to stop, pull back, and reflect on what matters most, you will see clearly that loving yourself is making decisions that honor who you are. When you take this step, you will be better able to live for you. When you live for you, you are able to experience a freedom that is as beautiful as delicate flower. Your heart will smile, your thoughts will embrace your gifts, your words will declare who you truly are, your walk will be a true reflection of the confidence that you have always desired. This new you is a gift; one that you deserve and one that will bring you the most joy.

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