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Four Practices You Should Develop as a Leader

Women in leadership continue to work to find their way in a world dominated by men. While women possess some of the same skillset as men, many of the challenges stem from a movement began long ago to make the workforce equal for both women and men. While there continues to be fewer women in leadership and management roles within various professions, women trailblazers continue to work to achieve their personal and professional goal of leading and managing. Women in general continue to break barriers in gaining the confidence within themselves to lead alongside their male counterparts in male dominated fields.

So what does it take to be a good leader?

Communicate the Vision

As a leader, you must be able to communicate the vision in a clear and concise manner that will inspire others to follow you. An important part of the process is communicating the rationale for the decisions which you will make and how they align to the vision. While everyone may not follow or even believe in your vision, it is your role as the leader to cultivate an environment in which some will embrace the vision in hopes that others will follow

Be Committed to the Work

As a leader, you must be committed to the work even when the people who follow you lag behind. Whatever it is that brought to this place of leadership must be what lights your path when your days become long, hard and frustrating. Assess your level of commitment to the work way before you decide to take on the role, It will be a great motivator for your work later.

Strengthen Your Resilience

Resilience is a key characteristic of leadership. Influencing people, making decisions, giving directives, cultivating relationships and reaching your organizational goal can take a toll on your strength and your resolve. As a leader you must develop thick skin if you plan to see your way through the challenges that will arise. You must be focused enough on the goals in the midst of the obstacles that cloud your way so that you can reach the outcomes on the other side.

Practice Self Care

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. Some days, it will take everything that you have to be great, especially when it seems that others may not support your efforts. The challenges can weigh heavy on you day in and day out. Self care is necessity if you plan to achieve success in your leadership role. While self care may not look the same for everyone, the primarily goal is to do the things that keep you balanced spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Creating this balance in your life will ensure that you are able to wake up each day and perform the work that your role requires. If self care is a challenge for you, try the resource below and get a years worth of inspiration to aid you in your personal growth in your leadership journey.

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